Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Available Now!

While we're stocking up for Milwaukee (looking forward to good beer, cheese, and Laverne and Shirley nostalgia), we do have some things to tide you over.
Such as these lovely and unique tool roll ups. They button down to keep your gear from sliding out the top.
To order, send an email to contact at inherentvicesquad dot com and tell us which you prefer. $36 plus shipping and handling
Birds on Orange flap closed SOLD
Would you like "Birds on Orange"?
Birds on Orange open SOLD

Paint by Numbers flap closed

Paint by Numbers open

Green Elephants flap closed

Green elephants flap open

Echino Deer flap closed SOLD

Echino Deer flap open SOLD

Also, be on the lookout for glue gun stands and shot weights in supple leather...

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