Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Overdue Update

First, how is it July tomorrow??? We've only just finished napping after AIC! Not really. Though we've been silent, we have been working hard. We know the actual website and store need updating, too, and that's coming. In the meantime, we encourage people to send inquiries through our contact address and we can let you know what's available or what can be available post haste.
I have some pictures and more will be coming. Soon.
Lab Coats come in 4 base colors now (black, charcoal, olive, teal blue) with a selection of trims for you to choose from. We also have all black bib aprons and all black restaurant waist aprons with the IVS logo, in black. You can see them, with a magnifying glass, along with our upcycled material glue gun stands in this shot from Milwaukee, as we prepare for Cafe Disco.

We also have two new sets of weights to introduce: the leather Volcano series, and hard resin forms.
These leather weights come in three sizes: the tiny Volcano Kiss that sold out in Milwaukee, retails at $7 each. Next up is the medium Volcano Weight. And last but not least, the Eyjafjallajokull, or just call it the Large Volcano. I also like 'Fjall' or 'Fyjoll', which mean 'mountain'. Whatever, we'll know what you're talking about. The Fjall comes in at about 4lbs.This is a variation of the finished top - hand sewn instead of machine sewn. I like them both. Haven't decided...
These are the footprints of the weights. The smallest is 1.5" across.

Next, I'm still working on these resin-encased lead and steel shot weights. The shapes are almost right and then the exact proportions of shot to resin need to be worked out. I have a bunch of imperfects if someone wants a deal on bunnies with broken ears and unsightly shot peeking out from behind the resin.

Oh, I almost forgot - we're planning a workshop series this Fall, here in LA. We've tentatively arranged for a space in Echo Park. Our aim is for the workshops to be an opportunity to acquire real conservation-useful skills, such as mold making or needle felting, and if those conservation skills could consequently be used to make, say, a unicorn or Christmas ornaments, then so be it. The workshops would naturally include snacks and vino.

So you see, we're working here but I only have one intern - he's 8 and has a very short attention span.