Monday, March 15, 2010

More New Tool Wraps

Some of you have asked if we will be at AIC this year. Yes we will. But the vendor hall is a little beyond our baby company's reach so instead be looking for "Cafe Disco" (The Office fans, anyone?) to be held in our suite. More details soon, but you can be sure of good music, good company, and good snacks and drink. Just don't wipe your hands on the products. Use the bedspreads. And I'll put hand sanitizer on our shopping list.

Echino has come out with so many beautiful fabrics for 2010 and we've incorporated them into some of our tool wraps. These are all basically unique so what you see is the one you would get and then there are no more. Unless you really love something that's sold out, - in that case we'll see if we can actually still get the fabrics you're craving. Because we aim to please.

This is what's new as of today: Echino Birds on Chartreuse - with flap closed
Echino Birds on Chartreuse with flap open. This makes the background fabric look a little purple, but it more like the first picture - chocolate brown.

Echino African Animals in lavender, flap closed

Echino African Animals in lavender, flap open

Echino Birds on Brown - flap closed. The background fabric for this is black canvas but it has a funny uneven look in this photo. Hmm. Oh well.

Echino Birds on Brown, flap open. It looks not quite rectangular in this picture, because of the angle, but the first picture shows the proportion correctly.
Available by emailing us, contact at inherentvicesquad dot com, $36 plus shipping and handling. Or come see us in Milwaukee...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Available Now!

While we're stocking up for Milwaukee (looking forward to good beer, cheese, and Laverne and Shirley nostalgia), we do have some things to tide you over.
Such as these lovely and unique tool roll ups. They button down to keep your gear from sliding out the top.
To order, send an email to contact at inherentvicesquad dot com and tell us which you prefer. $36 plus shipping and handling
Birds on Orange flap closed SOLD
Would you like "Birds on Orange"?
Birds on Orange open SOLD

Paint by Numbers flap closed

Paint by Numbers open

Green Elephants flap closed

Green elephants flap open

Echino Deer flap closed SOLD

Echino Deer flap open SOLD

Also, be on the lookout for glue gun stands and shot weights in supple leather...